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 Best Deal Hot Tub Choices

There are many different configurations to decide from.  Below is a guide to some options available but PLEASE do phone and we will be delighted to explain more to you. 

  • Choice of colours;

  • Choice of seating number;

  • Choice of seating arrangement; (lounger or open seating)

  • Choice of water jet power; (number jets, type of jets, number of pumps)

Lomond Spas Hot tub Price Guarantee!!

BEST DEAL WITH US!  As for price we do guarantee if you find the same hot tub at a lower price we will supply you at that lower price plus give you a free CHEMICAL SUPPLY FREE OF CHARGE FOR ONE YEAR  - this is how confident we are on our competitive prices.

Hot Tub Colour Choice



Catalina hot tub cabinets

Hot Tub Seating Choice

Seating in a hot tub is a matter for individual choice.  Depending on the use you put your hot tub to in can be open plan party spa with upright seating al the way.  this tends to give more room around the spa, nearly all seating is varies in one way or other i.e. height and size.  There are hot tubs with upright seating which include a lounger arrangement.  Some of the larger hot tubs have a two loungers with various seating.


Hot Tub Water Jet Choice


There are many different jets and configurations in most spas to allow you a flexible enough arrangement for any part of your body to be massaged.  The hot tub spring range starts with one pump then moves up the range to two pump and the performance hot tubs are equipped with three pumps.

Choice of Optional Extras

There many optional extras since hot springs were the original choice of hot tubs for people in the past now they can be fitted or built in to you spa.

These include;

  • A air blower
  • Fibre optic lighting
  • underwater auto change colour lighting
  • radio/CD/ DVD player
  • water falls
  • hot tub cover lifter
  • hot tub designed entry steps
  • canopy
  • gazebo
  • lodges
  • hot tub decking

Hot springs were for spas for countries in years gone by.